Employee wellbeing is now a central pillar of workforce management

Change fatigue, workload and hybrid working conditions are taking a heavy toll on employee engagement, productivity, energy levels and well-being. HR professionals and team leaders face numerous challenges in managing their workforce. Tools to help need to be adaptable, deliverable, accessible and responsive, to ensure employee participation and buy-in.

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Help your team re-energize their thinking with Wander120

Studies show that continual focus is unsustainable. To take a break from focussing on complex or stressful issues and allowing the mind to unfocus or wander freely, is the equivalent of a brain reboot.

How our brains work

The simple act of moving from highly focused work to mind-wandering triggers a part of the brain called the Default-Mode Network. Working in this mode, the brain can access unconscious memory processes that support the generation of new ideas, creative insights, and improved cognitive processing, as well as allowing for recovery and replenishment of cognitive resources in other parts of the brain. In a 2021 study, Microsoft Research found that regular short breaks improved focus, mood, and productivity. Physical breaks increased blood flow and cognitive function, while mind breaks provided mental re-energization, and improved engagement and idea generation.

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Wellbeing in the workplace

Mind wandering is a simple mental health practice that you can add to your team wellbeing toolkit. Encouraging your team members to move into mind-wandering mode, regularly, is a win-win strategy. It has been shown to enhance creative thinking, problem solving and planning, and it supports self-reflection and introspection, leading to personal growth. A break from focused tasks promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Ready to find out about offering Wander120 to your work place?

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